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1. A clause similar to the following one could be included in the Website registration text in reference to the App:

“To improve your experience at the event we will include the use of a mobile application. To access the App’s private information you can use your e-mail address to log into the App. Your e-mail address will only be used to grant you single access to the event’s content and to send you your access information for the App, and will not be shown or made use of in any other case. Within the App, personal information of yours will be displayed such as Name, Position, and Company along with the other information you configure to appear. This way other users will be able to send you private messages through the App. You will be able to change this preference at any time so that your information does not appear in the App”.

2. In the App itself we can add terms of use on the login screen, and we recommend adding the following:

“The App requests your authorization to send you notifications during the event which you can accept or decline, and you can modify your decision afterwards in your mobile device’s settings. An identifier is collected from your device in order to send notifications. This identifier can only be used to send you notifications through this App and not for any other action on your device.”

Basic Data Protection Information

Responsible Entity

Identity: Banco Santander, S.A

Fiscal ID: A-39000013

Postal address: Avenida de Cantabria s/n, Ciudad Financiera,

Edificio Arrefice Planta 1, 28660, Boadilla del Monte, Madrid

E-mail address:

Data Protection Delegate contact:

Main end and Legitimization

Managing the website registration of parties interested in participating in the event as attendees, legitimized by interested party's consent.

Other accesory ends can be consulted in the Privacy Policy

Third Parties

Your information will not be ceded to third parties.


The User can withdraw consent at any time, as well as exercise the rights of objection, access, portability, rectification, limitation, and erasure of data.

Additional Information

For the details of the information set out in the present table, click on the following link: Privacy Policy